Ladies in Bodies, 2006

Foto credits: Dorothea Wimmer

Heide Kinzelhofer
Regina Ramsel
Margit Brünner

 The team immerses itself into the atmospheres of a place, thereby initiating a process of assimilation. The ladies attempt to follow their intuition as long as they feel their bodies entirely inhabited by the atmosphere of the place. Then the team executes the transfer of atmospheres. It reenacts movements of the imbibed qualities and implants them in a complementary spatial fabric.

Three transfers were conducted:
Moorwiese > Andromedatower 21.08.2006, 4pm to 8pm
Nikolaiberg > Wienfluss 22.08.2006, 3pm to 9pm
Lobau > Platte 23.8.2006, 3pm to 9pm


14 Schwebung, 2005

performative intervention for Fresh trips

The atmosphere of Kunstraum Innsbruck is measured over 4 hours. The notations emerging from this encounter are visual evidence of possible planes of reality and do not have any other purpose. They are traces of being present of one attending and point at the attempts of being [in] space.


Contexture, 2006

performative intervention / Kunstverein Baden geöffnet 0-24 Uhr!

performed by Regina Ramsl

Fotocredits: Cornelia König


interweaving 1/2

watercolour on paper