7 Himmel – taking delight in Tiepolo, 2009

FELT Space, Adelaide

7 Himmel – taking delight in Tiepolo was a week-long experimental joy-investment. Its intention was to install the percept joy as a palpable intensity into the local atmospheres of FELT Space.

charcoal, crayon, graphite, ink on walls & ceiling.

detail ceiling, east
detail ceiling, south
detail wall, north
detail wall, south
detail wall, north


1/Zeit, 2009

video with sound, 9.42 min


her[t]z, 2009

video with sound,

8.57 min


Gone in not time gone in no time, 2009

residency at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation

“gone in no time gone in no time proposes the AEAF exhibition space as a site for making and being, as opposed to its usual function as container of objects/actions made/devised elsewhere.[more]

couplet #2

video with sound,

5 min


drawing a wonder/

atmospheric notations on walls

 20.10.09, detail

15.10.09, detail

17.10.09, detail


carry tiger to mountain, 2011

Exhibition at Liverpool Street Studios, Adelaide

performative installation carry tiger to mountain : notating error



detail 1

detail 2


Lueftchen, 2011

video with sound, 1.45 min

whale, 2011

video with sound, 0.57 min


unreasonable topographies

to the islands – architecture of isolation

SASA Gallery, Adelaide

with Urs Bettte

Unreasonable topographies explored site specifics by means of a process of co-creating an object that emerged from a series of encounters with site and swapping techniques.


atmospheric record, Port Adelaide, 26.9 /1.30 pm
atmospheric record, dock 2, Port Adelaide, 25.9 /11. am

Exhibition views Relocation to the Port



Paradise in Spinoza’s cabinet, 2012

temporal public installation

188 Grenfell Street, SA 5000


‘Paradise in Spinoza’s cabinet’ was an interdisciplinary laboratory that explored the making of ‘paradise’. [more]


Domenico de Clario
tutto e’gia’ qui’ (all is already here)
James Geurts
Drawing Light Stations: constellation
Urs Bette
the Crash ensemble,
closing night of Spinoza’s cabinet
Johnnie Dady
work in progress

Linda Marie Walker
For The Old Ones Spinning
Al Thumm
The Ecstacy of the Arcadian Continuum Siamak Fallah
Margit Brünner
Apfelmaschine: apple machine for Sepp Holzer





sonic trees, 2014

temporal Installation, The Cedars

Heysen Sculpture Biennial


sound notations of 8 young eucalypts

tree talks


one of five labours

video, with sound, 9 min


by the pool, rehearsing paradise

video, with sound, 2.16 min

Because there might flowers where I am going

Because there might be snakes where I am going’

video, with sound, 3 min


Cartographies of encounter, 2014

Palmer Sculpture Biennial, temporal installation

Foto credits: Urs Bette